Oarsome Indoor Rowing Grips

£24.99 per pair

At Oarsome, we understand that your relationship with your rowing machine is a love/hate one....

Let us help you fall in love with your rowing machine all over again, but this time, it will be so much better.

Having a great rowing session can make your day, but ruin your hands. We can make sure your hands get the best out of that session too.

By fitting over the top of your rowing machine handles. the Oarsome Grips will support your hands, wrists and arms, resulting in improved positioning and technique.

Don't just take our word for it, meet Mark the Concept 2 Master Instructor. Mark trains professional coaches how to train their performance athletes on rowing machines. Kind of a big deal.

(It's worth noting that the Oarsome Grips work best when they are only used on one machine. If they are taken off and on, this can change their state.)

What do our customers say?

I'm very happy with the Oarsome Grips. In addition to rowing almost every day (6 million meters in the first two years), I also work out with kettlebells, so I'm very careful about not getting blisters. Still have to file my calluses because of kettlebells, but I don't think my hands could withstand the added abuse of rowing without the Oarsome Grips.

Marcello, Italy

The Oarsome Grips are working well, very easy to fit, and use. I stopped rowing for a couple of months, due to back injury, but since the new year, I am back to rowing every day. Now that I am back to my daily "hour" I have noticed that I do get the odd blister, I have tried different positions with the Oarsome Grips, but I still I get the odd one. Generally speaking though, I do think they are an improvement, so I am glad I purchased them.

Ashley, United Kingdom

The Oarsome Grips encourage a more relaxed, flatter hand and wrist position, which is still strong but results in far less wrist and hand fatigue.

Mark Pinches, Concept 2 Master Instructor

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