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  • Where can I try the Oarsome Grips?

    Where can I try the Oarsome Grips?

  • How do the Oarsome Grips work?

    How do the Oarsome Grips work?

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    Coopers/Sunrise PVC

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    Coopers/Sunrise Plastic

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    Days, Trulife & SimplyMed

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Hello freedom!

Hello freedom!

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Goodbye Bacteria!

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Hello cushioning!

Clinical Feedback - Sue Armstrong - Specialist Neuro Physiotherapist

Working with a client with a progressive neurological condition affecting both her balance and her ability to grip, we had tried a variety of options to improve the comfort of her elbow crutches without lasting success until she used the Oarsome Crutch Grips. The client found them very useful, much more comfortable, and easier to maintain her grip both due to the improved size, shaping into her hand and the rubberised nature of the Oarsome Grip itself also helped with her poor grip. She has used the grips for a year or so now, and although due to the nature of her condition she has now had to progress to using more supportive walking aids, I feel that the Oarsome Grips helped her stay on her crutches for longer than she would otherwise have been able, which is psychologically as well as physically important, and reduced strain and discomfort in her hands, wrists and shoulders.

As a neuro physiotherapist finding a product which can alleviate a practical problem as well as provide more comfort and protect joints and tissues from avoidable stress and strain is very rewarding."