We specialise in happy hands,

in turn, making you happier too!

We have improved the lives and experiences of thousands of people (and their hands!) all over the world with our award winning Oarsome Grips.

We have spent years listening to people like you to understand exactly what you need to make sure your hands are well looked after.

We are passionate about providing you with an award winning product with a proven reputation for supporting and comforting your hands.

We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service, we know that every company says that, but we prove it. We are always friendly and enjoy taking the time to talk.

Our customers are our favourite people, and it shows. We are never in a hurry where you are concerned, unless we are dispatching your order!

You told us you needed: Less pain in your hands, wrists and arms, no more blisters! A simple design which is easy to clean and hygenic. A solution that helps you technically, as well as giving comfort. A durable product, which is able to keep up with you. Bright colours (we are not all shrinking violets!), and most importantly, a solution and product that actually works!

We are so proud to supply you with our Oarsome Grips, we hope you love them as much as we do.