Everything you need to know:

Oarsome Grips on Crutches

Here's everything you need to know before you order your Oarsome Grips.

The 3 videos below explain:

1) How the Oarsome Grips work
2) Ordering and Size Guide
3) Fitting Guide

...No time to watch the video? Here's how they work...

Your Oarsome Grips slide over your standard crutch handles and you can fit them yourself at home (fitting instructions will be provided with your order).

Once fitted, the Oarsome Grips mould to the shape of your hand then compress when you put your weight down, absorbing the impact transferred directly to your hand and upper body from the floor.

The Oarsome Grips immediately reform to their original shape ready to take the strain of your next step. Instantly, your hand pain and the pressure on your wrists will ease. After several hours, the stress on your upper body will reduce significantly too.

Now for the videos....

In this helpful video, Emily explains how and why the Oarsome Grips work.

Here Emily explains how to identify the make/model of crutches to enable you to order the correct size with confidence from us or one of our retailers.

This video shows Emily explaining how you fit your Oarsome Grips to your crutches.

If you have any other questions or specific queries, we'll happily help you make your hands happy again!
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