Concept 2 Master Instructor

Mark is a Concept 2 Master Instructor - an expert on indoor rowing. Mark ‘wrote the book’ when it comes to indoor rowing, and delivers training courses all over the UK and internationally imparting ‘best practice’ knowledge to rowing coaches so they can develop their athletes’ technique and performance on rowing machines.

With over 18 years experience working as a sports physiologist, personal trainer and physical therapist, Mark has worked with all kinds of people ranging from professional athletes, military personnel, and people who simply want to reach their fitness and health goals.

Not easily impressed, Mark has been using the Oarsome Grips for over a year, and has not had a blister or sore hands since!

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“After rowing on the water for many years and requiring frequent surgical removal from my Concept 2, I accepted calluses and blisters on my finger joints and hands as the norm, but was delighted when I came across the Oarsome Grips. I was pleasantly surprised when I first used them and now really feel the difference if I use a machine that hasn’t got them. I use the grips in the A or Catch position, which relieves any pressure on the joints of the fingers. The Oarsome Grips encourage a more relaxed, flatter hand and wrist position, which is still strong but results in far less wrist and hand fatigue. In the past, I subconsciously used to reposition my hand and finger frequently, but with the grips I realised I don’t do this any more. I always encourage people I coach to use them and recommend them on our Instructor Courses. My coaching philosophy for training on the rower is based on ‘economy of effort’. It makes sense to look at putting the effort in to the right parts of the stroke. If you are distracted by discomfort in the three areas you are connected to the rower (hands, backside and feet) you aren’t going to be focussing on the right things!

Long sessions on the rower have definitely been relieved by the Oarsome Grips – I would recommend everyone to give them a try.”

With Mark’s impressive background and wealth of experience and expertise in rowing and sport at high level, he is one of our Oarsome Heroes!

Mark has developed (with his colleague Glenn Delikan) music downloads specifically for your indoor rowing machine sessions to help you stick to your pace and plan, whether that is high, medium or low intensity, and to achieve your goal. Get it now before your next session! Download the music here

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