Crutch Grip

£24.99 per pair

All natural pain relief for your hands - lets get happy hands

At Oarsome, we hear time and time again how your crutches make your hands hurt even more than the reason you are using crutches. We can all agree that this is completely ridiculous, and ends here and today, with a few clicks.

The Oarsome Grips sit over the top of your troublesome crutch handles, once fitted properly; your hands will start their journey to happiness again!

The Oarsome Grips are engineered to work with your hands on the crutches, the most important, but most painful point of contact. Acting as your shock absorber, the Oarsome Grips compress when you put your weight on them, taking the strain for you, and then quietly returning to their original position ready to take the strain again for you when you take your next step.

We are very proud that the Oarsome Grips are the only antibacterial hand grips on the market, this means confidence and peace of mind for you and your hands.

It’s not that we like to boast, but our Grips are pretty Oarsome...

If your crutches are made by Day, Trulife or SimplyMed, and they look like the photo, then these are the compatible Oarsome Grips!

What do our customers say?

I cannot tell you how pleased I am with my Oarsome Grips. I have been on crutches now for approx. 10 months and was having major difficulty with the handles on my crutches rubbing the skin off the palm of my hand. So much so that after a day of “walking” around York, I was left with red raw palms and was getting very down about being in even more pain. Plus I had thick skin growing where my hands were healing and then the skin was being rubbed off. I cannot recommend these enough to anyone who uses crutches and are suffering the way I did. My hands no longer hurt, and have finally healed. Thank you Oarsome Potential, I will be fully recommending you to anyone who asks me about my Oarsome Grips.

Rachel, UK

I don't want to go another day without them! The Oarsome Grips have really helped to dissipate the incredible amount of pressure that's put through my wrists and hands, especially when I'm on my feet all day. They are in a different league to anything else I have tried; the quality is first class, they look great and the comfort they provide is just as good from day one to year one. A small price to pay for an amazing product which has given me the freedom to live life.

Ms Telfer, UK

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Days, Trulife & SimplyMed

Days, Trulife & SimplyMed