Crutch Grip

£24.99 per pair

Holding your hand, every step of the way.

The Oarsome Grips are engineered to work with your hands on the crutches, the most important, but most painful point of contact. Acting as your shock absorber, the Oarsome Grips compress when you put your weight on them, taking the strain for you, and then quietly returning to their original position ready to take the strain again for you when you take your next step.

Oarsome, we hear time and time again how your crutches often make your hands hurt even more than the reason you are using crutches. We can all agree that this is completely ridiculous, and ends here and today, with a click of a button.

The Oarsome Grips sit over the top of your troublesome crutch handles, once fitted properly; your hands will start their journey to happiness again!

We are very proud that the Oarsome Grips are the only antibacterial hand grips on the market, this means confidence and peace of mind for you and your hands.

These are the Coopers/Sunrise models that these Oarsome Grips are compatible with: 8303C 8249C 8251C 8253C 9731C

What do our customers say?

"After just 10 days of using the Oarsome Grips I'm very impressed. Having torn my ankle ligaments and spent a number of weeks on crutches a good few years ago I have been seriously impressed. I'm not waking up with sore hands or wrists and there's absolutely no sign of blisters despite using them almost all day every day."

Jimmy, London

“Before using the Oarsome Grips people keep asking me if I'm in pain from my skiing injury but to be honest, my hands on crutches hurt far more. The Oarsome Grips arrived quickly and they are fantastic. Such a different sensation to crutching around on hard plastic, an enormous relief! And they fit perfectly.”

Kellie, UK

“My husband purchased approx. 6 weeks ago a pair of Oarsome crutch grips and they have been fantastic for me. My hands are undoubtedly better as a result of being able to use these on my crutches”

Alison, UK

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