Crutch Grip

£24.99 per pair

Feel freedom again, get happy hands and all natural pain relief!

Do your crutches make your hands hurt even more than the reason you are using crutches? We can all agree that this is completely ridiculous, and ends here and today, with a click of a button.

The Oarsome Grips are engineered to work with your hands on the crutches, the most important, but most painful point of contact. Acting like a shock absorber, the Oarsome Grips compress when you put your weight on them, taking the strain for you, and then quietly returning to their original position ready to take the strain again for you when you take your next step.

We are very proud that the Oarsome Grips are the only antibacterial hand grips on the market, this means confidence and peace of mind for you and your hands.

It’s not that we are show off's, but our Grips are pretty Oarsome...

These Oarsome Grips are compatible with these Coopers/ Sunrise models: 8303C 8249C 8251C 8253C 9731C

What do our customers say?

Absolutely brilliant. These Oarsome Grips really cut down the severity of the bruising you get in the palm of your hands. I was recommended these by a friend and I will certainly be spreading the word.

Dave, UK

The Oarsome Grips are amazing! I have no red palms, painful wrists or peeling skin! Thank you so much; since having the Oarsome Grips I have made really good progress with my mobility as I have less pain and am able to walk further. This has really helped my strength, fitness and mobility.   I have also been spreading the good word. My friend is an ankle and foot specialist nurse for our local health trust and she is very impressed with your product as she has lots of enquiries re comfortable crutches.

Jill, the physio with a broken ankle!

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