Our Oarsome Grips make sore hands a thing of the past.

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Originally designed for high performing rowers, with a stroke of genius we have been able to help people like you to have happier hands, especially if another product makes them sad.

Rowing - Bubblegum



per pair


Shock Absorbing

Continually protecting your hands and upper body from impact.

Highly Durable

Providing endless relief, even in the extreme conditions experienced by ocean rowers!


The Oarsome Grips are made with an antibacterial and antimicrobial agent within the material.

Intelligent Design

Working with the natural movements of your own hands and body, providing you support exactly where you need it.

Once you have one, you won't want to let go.

Diane ( Morgan's Mum!)

Just wanted to let you know I saw my son during school today, and he has been using the Oarsome Grips since they arrived on Friday. He said they have been fantastic and make a huge difference to his comfort in getting around school.

Diane ( Morgan's Mum!)

Dawn, England, UK

"I just thought I'd drop you a line regarding the Oarsome Grips I bought from you some time ago. I have been on crutches for six weeks now, using the Oarsome Grips, and expect to be on crutches for another two weeks at the very least. I am unable to put more than 10kg of weight through my right leg.

I do not know how I would have managed without the Oarsome Grips to protect my hands - in fact I'm sure I would have been severely restricted and unable to move around independently, so I wanted to pass this on and send you my thanks."

Dawn, England, UK

Marcello Clarizia, Italy

I'm very happy with the Oarsome Grips. In addition to rowing almost every day (6 million meters in the first two years), I also work out with kettlebells, so I'm very careful about not getting blisters. Still have to file my calluses because of kettlebells, but I don't think my hands could withstand the added abuse of rowing without the Oarsome Grips.

Marcello Clarizia, Italy

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