Oarsome Water Rower

Check out Frank's Oarsome rowing machine

Frank from Lake Constance, Switzerland got in touch with us, he wanted to use the Oarsome Grips on his adapted rowing machine, and here we have it!

Some words from Frank, Oarsome Genius:

"It was quite a pain to fix them on my draw bars, there was a clearance of approx 1,5 mm, to much to fill it with glue and not enough to really double it up. Finally a friend of mine doubled it up with two layers of bicycle tube and then fixed the grips with hairspray, the pink ones. Now they hold and it is just great to use them. Absolutely no problems with my hands, no blisters even after 15 km, what more can I ask? I will try next week the yellow ones (same procedure is necessary there), looking forward to that. The pink one are bit bulky and I had to get used to them, but now I am very happy. *Will be interesting to see how the smaller ones will work.

But in any case, it is a really fantastic thing you invented and you have my biggest respect. "

Thanks Frank! - we are blushing!

Want to imitate Frank? It is the sincerest form of flattery. Get in touch! We'll have you up and rowing in no time...

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