Jakko Brouwers MSc MCSP Clinical Expert Neuro Physiotherapist

Jakko trained in the Netherlands specialising in Neuro rehabilitation, and worked in Germany and Austria before starting work in the NHS in the UK in 1998. Jakko has worked in Community settings and ‘Specialist Stroke and Acquired Brain Injury’ units. From 2002 till June of this year, Jakko has been the Superintendent Physiotherapist at the Welsh Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Centre at Rookwood Hospital. Rookwood is a Specialist Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, where Jakko has been in charge of the SCI, Specialist Neuro and Amputee rehabilitation physiotherapy service.

With over 18 years experience and a specialist understanding in neuro and amputee rehabilitation, Jakko was able to use the Oarsome Grips in many different clinical settings with a number of his patients.

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“It was during a visit to the private clinic of a colleague when I first saw the Oarsome Grips. I thought they were resistive exercise grips. Within a few weeks I found other uses for them for my patients. Most of whom have tight hand muscles and difficulty keeping hands open. We have used them as resting splints which will give way when the patient experiences a spasm. Once the spasm subsides, the Oarsome Grips spring back to their original shape thereby slightly opening the hand again.”

“We have used them to position the hands before using a hand cycle and simply slid them over the hand cycle handles whilst in the patient’s hands."

“We have used them in hand therapy with cones pushed inside the grip for pendulum wrist rotation exercises.”

As leader in his field, Jakko deliverers lectures to other neuro-physiotherapists nationally and internationally, works as a medico legal expert and works for both the NHS and privately in his practice.

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