Oarsome Ocean Grips

£24.99 per pair

Happy hands, every stroke of the way.

‘Our best purchase, second only to Sudacrem!’ was how two firemen who rowed across the Atlantic ocean with an Oarsome grip in each hand described the impact of using our Oarsome Grips; both in training and during one of the world’s toughest challenges.

From listening to so many inspirational ocean rowers, we have some understanding of the challenge both physically and mentally that you are preparing to undertake. While you are preparing for your challenge, let us take care of your hands. We can make your hands a little happier throughout your race and your training, and it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

The shock absorbing Oarsome Grips fit over the top of your ocean rowing oars, and take the strain from your hands, with every stroke.

If you are raising money for charity, we can offer you our unique Ocean Discount:

Drop us line with your team information, and mention our Ocean Discount. We'll confirm and send you our terms. Looking forward to hearing from you!

1 - Place your order with us

2 - Send us photos of the Oarsome Grips in action, feedback and info about your race & team

3 - We'll refund you 50% of your order price!

Please note that some teams choose to buy one of two pairs as spare.

Contact us for exact terms.

What do our customers say?

The Oarsome Grips are fantastic and any Ocean Rowers absolutely must buy them - they are a vital piece of equipment!! The Oarsome Grips were our best purchase.... second to Sudocrem! We are both fire fighters from Manchester, and we completed our three-thousand-mile charity row to raise money for Claire House Children’s Hospice, St Annes Hospice and children’s charity, Childflight.

Dean Jagger and Neil Gyllenship

While training my hands had swollen up to such an extent that they looked like I had frostbite, however I then started to use the Oarsome Grips and they really do the trick. Your Oarsome Grips are marvellous. Blisters have always been a problem for me, so much so that I was wondering how I could do this crossing. Not anymore!!! They are brilliant and soon everyone will be using them! I was part of a two man crew setting off to row the Atlantic in December 2011, and we had training hard in the North Sea. The row was for a charity close to my heart called Facing the World, started by a surgeon friend of mine who died suddenly in 2008. The charity is for children with terrible facial deformities.

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