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Jess Charge

Blessing • NOV 21, 2018

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'3Men2' is are our super-duper website crew!

Jess Charge is the account manager and senior designer. Part of the team that built our website, expertly helped us update the Oarsome brand and keep us (and others!) up and running….as well as gorgeously designed.

Jess loves to design for both print and web, anything from an advert in a newspaper or a flyer for a maildrop to a large responsive website or even an email marketing campaign! She has retained numerous clients for many years with her efficiency (along with great design) - they know she just makes things happen! Oh, and she's also a self-confessed Instagram addict.

Here's what Jess had to say when we sat down after the kettle boiled:

1. The Kettle's just boiled, what are you having?


2. What's the single best thing about your job?

Job satisfaction

3.Who has had the biggest impact on your career to date?

Mr Christopher Orr (I can’t believe I’ve put this but it’s true)

4.What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

This isn’t from an individual, I just saw it on the internet but I really like it and try to remember it as I go through life: Be a warrior. Not a worrier.

5. Who is your inspiration?

Various creatives (designers, entrepreneurs, stylists etc) I’ve discovered through Instagram which is an amazing social media platform full of amazing people - I’ve been on there for years now and it’s changed a lot since I first discovered it and unfortunately there is more junk on there now, but it’s easy to ignore and focus on the inspirational people on there.

6. If you had to give someone an award, who would you choose and what award would it be?

I’m cheating, it’s not an individual but my group of school friends (all female) for being great friends and working hard and being inspirational.

7.What was the biggest challenge that you had to overcome?

Believing that I’m good at my job, being confident in it - this has only come about through time and practice!

8.What advice would you give to your younger-self?

Believe in what you like, don’t be afraid to stand up and say you like different stuff from the mainstream.

9. What one thing would you like to be remembered for?

Being positive and creative.

10. Our goal is making hands happy, so, what makes your hands happy?

Holding hands with my husband and son (sorry it’s a soppy answer)

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