The Big Fix: Inventing the Impossible

Emily Webb • JUL 27, 2018

Inventing the Impossible: The Big Life Fix

‘At the moment they are in a terrible situation, with terrible tools.’

In the show, BBC Two bring together award winning product engineers and the first three clients, who live with challenges with their mobility; both physical and environmental.

The uplifting show respectfully highlights the types of issues many people face everyday. The show leverages some of the best brains in the business (and significant financial clout) to create physical solutions for Graham, Alex, and Kyle.

Ambitious and tenacious product engineers, Yusuf Muhammed, Zoe Laughlin and Jude Pullen are charming in their approach with their clients and show real heart and understanding.

The engineers work for many months on their solutions, (which is breezed over), and the highlights for the viewer are the Graham, Alex, and Kyle successfully trying out the final product.

The climactic end is Alex, with his friends and genius engineer Yusuf, which won’t fail to move you.

We loved it, and think you will too. See it here:

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